Elizabeth has worked in the Texas Hill Country for more than 20 years as a natural resources consultant. She also has a proven track record as a public educational speaker and legislative advisor.  She holds an undergraduate degree in biology, a master's degree in landscape architecture, and is a certified permaculture planner.

Elizabeth has worked on a wide variety of urban and rural projects, both small and large scale, that have incorporated riparian restoration, green infrastructure, wildlife habitat planning, water conservation, and homesteading.  She has demonstrated skills working with stakeholders, clients, politicians, and community members with diverse interests and viewpoints to develop sustainable solutions to complex problems.  As a project manager, she has overseen the installation of innovative, regenerative projects and multi-million dollar mixed-use developments. For countless projects, she has conducted detailed environmental ecological assessments and related research. Most recently, she helped review the USDA's Vulnerability Assessment of Austin’s Urban Forest and Natural Areas.

During this time, Elizabeth has been researching, writing, and providing lectures to validate or dispel myths about the Mountain Cedar, aka Ashe Juniper, that grows in the Hill Country.  Additionally, she served as a trail guide at the Wild Basin Wilderness Preserve for 10 years.  While living in Dripping Springs for a few years, Elizabeth produced and hosted The Cedar Lady Show on KDRP to provide information on water conservation, sustainable land planning, and native plants.